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Hong Kong Perms, Converse, and Carelessness

my Nevis Bungee experience

Losing my Voice in Taipei

When you only have five days, there's no time for words...

Titled: Get your money back at the door

Third day's a charm.

Day 1 = Confusion
Day 2 = Frustration
Day 3 = Intrigue

I've never felt more excited about the act of traveling. It feels like, for the first time i've had to shut up. My words are one can understand even one of them. So i'm left with my lips pinched together and my ears listening hard. Its like all of my senses are magnified. Renee always talks about how she's got such fantastic hearing because her eyesight is so poor. For the first time, i understand what she means. I'm doing the things that don't require words. I'm smiling, and nodding and i've recently had a problem with resisting the urge to bow as in replacement of "thank you". Its actually pretty embarrassing.

I think i'm going to do my vlog on this whole feeling. You know? No words, no noise... just appreciating things as they are, for what they are. I'll be honest in saying that i'm sort of apprehensive in the mornings. I get afraid. I don't want to walk into the stores, or even shop...because i'm frightened by that speechless feeling that comes over me. Its such a feeling of conviction, like i won't be able to communicate my needs, which is pretty accurate, since i can't. I'm trying so hard to pick up parts of the language. Like "I don't understand" sounds like "wah poo dong". Using that makes me at least feel like i'm respecting the conversation enough to say i can't be a part of it. I'd love to figure out a way to capture this feeling somehow with a camera. Its just so hard, getting what your feeling to look the same as it does inside.

The beautiful part of the language here is that its not just about the words, its also about the tone. There are five different tones for every word. Isn't that incredible? It's also incredibly confusing. I feel like i'm standing on a corner with a white flag waving. I surrender. I mean, seriously, I surrender.

I just bought bread and juice for dinner. I sift through the market and look for pictures on the wrappers. Everything is weird too... i mean, its not just that i don't understand what's on the wrappers. It's also that i don't understand what's in the wrappers. Like for instance, twice i went and bought a plastic covered bread item. In both were these round breads, but inside the round was NOT the same. First time, sweet yogurt, second time "bean curd. Same wrapper does NOT equal same contents. Since when are beans and yogurt the same? Weird. So tomorrow, when i’m in the market looking for round bread which do i choose, the round bread in plastic or the round bread in plastic. Day 4 is just moments away.

Josh is talking crazy in front of me. He's talking about how everything is so different from what he's used to, and all of it puts him off. He’s come to this internal revelation that all of the bad in his mind is all of the good in everyone else's. So he’s looking around with new eyes. Thinking that the smells are nice, not foul. That the bean ice-cream is exactly what he’s craving. This has been such an interesting week.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.


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